Shared Services

Shared Services was established to deliver more efficient and quality Whole-of-Government services across the ACT Public Service. Shared Services works in close partnership with all ACT Government directorates to provide a range of corporate services. Graham Tanton is the Executive Director of Shared Services.

Shared Services is made up of the following businesses.

  • Shared Services ICT is a shared information and communication technology (ICT) division. It operates on a full cost recovery basis and provides a comprehensive range of ICT services to the ACT Government. These include ICT infrastructure, business systems development and support, ICT policy and ICT project services.

  • Shared Services Human Resources provides tactical and transactional human resource services to ACT Government directorates and agencies. These services include payroll and ACT Government HR systems, recruitment, employee relations, training and development and HR reporting. Information and records management and the Territory Records Office is also a part of the Human Resources team.

  • Shared Services Finance delivers an extensive range of financial and taxation management services to directorates. It also supports a publishing and design business that supports directorates with their electronic, design and printing requirements.

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Shared Services became a part of the new Chief Minister, Treasury, and Economic Development Directorate on 7 July 2014.