Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate

2013-14 Budget Review


The 2013-14 Budget Review provides updated information regarding the Government's financial performance against its financial policy objectives and strategies, as set out in the 2013-14 Budget Papers.

The Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate leads the ACT Public Service (ACTPS) and provides strategic advice and support to the Chief Minister, the Treasurer and the Cabinet on policy development, financial and economic policy, service delivery and whole of government issues, facilitates the implementation of government priorities and provides high level executive support and policy advice.

The Directorate is responsible for:

  • the provision of direction and coordination across the ACTPS on policy and strategy, managing the ACT's intergovernmental relationships and supporting the Chief Minister's role on the Council of Australian Governments;
  • advising the Government and agencies on the Territory's budget, management of the Government's financial assets and liabilities, including superannuation liabilities and investments, economic policy and advice, and federal financial relations;
  • strategic planning and direction on public sector standards, including service-wide employment, workforce culture and capability, industrial relations and work safety, the implementation of machinery of government changes, and the promotion of ethics and accountability;
  • community engagement, whole-of-government communications, provisions of public affairs advice; and
  • support to the Head of Service, the Strategic Board and its sub-committees.
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