Policy and Cabinet

Policy and Cabinet Division

The Policy and Cabinet Division, Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate provides support and direction across the ACT Public Service on policy and strategy. The Policy and Cabinet Division's role includes:

  • Providing advice and direction across the ACT Public Service on complex policy matters in social, economic, planning and security policy issues,
  • supporting the Chief Minister as head of the ACT Government and chair of Cabinet,
  • supporting the Head of the ACT Public Service as Secretary of Cabinet and Chair of Strategic Board;
  • working cooperatively with individual agencies in the development of key policies, programs, communications and projects;
  • managing and coordinating the ACT's relationships with other jurisdictions, most significantly with the Commonwealth, NSW, and local councils in the region; and
  • representing the ACT at intergovernmental forums, notably the Council of Australian Governments and Council for the Australian Federation.

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What's New in Policy and Strategic Direction

Responding to Auditor-General's Performance Audit Reports

The Guidelines for responding to performance audit reports by the Auditor-General provides guidance to ACT Government officials on the process involved in developing the government response ready for tabling in the Legislative Assembly.

Regulatory Reform - Red Tape Reduction

The ACT Government is committed to creating a diverse and successful private sector and an environment in which local businesses can thrive. Regulatory reform and Red Tape Reduction is a priority of Government.

ACT Estimated Resident Population

Estimate Resident Population of the ACT at September 2013 was 382,863.

ACT Population Projections 2013

Population projections are used by the ACT Government in the planning of service and infrastructure delivery to the community. They also provide the basis for assessing future requirements for residential and commercial land, housing, public utilities, and the provision of a wide variety of services. Projections are available for the fifty year period 2013 to 2062.

The ACT Population is projected to reach 400,000 by 2017 and 500,000 by 2033.