Media Release Title Minister Released
Greater coverage for Canberra’s CCTV network Mick Gentleman, MLA 29 June 2017
Ombudsman oversight to help safeguard children Yvette Berry, MLA 28 June 2017
Opportunity to meet the candidates ahead of ATSIEB vote Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 28 June 2017
Audit report shows Public Housing Renewal Program is delivering for those who need it Yvette Berry, MLA 27 June 2017
ACT thriving in new Census data Yvette Berry, MLA 27 June 2017
Renewable energy target on track with new wind farm opening Mick Gentleman, MLA 27 June 2017
Canberrans getting healthier - but more work to do Meegan Fitzharris, MLA 27 June 2017
Canberra celebrates the end of Ramadan Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 24 June 2017
ACT strengthens relationship with Singapore though Arboretum MOU Andrew Barr, MLA 23 June 2017
ACT to join National Firearms Amnesty Mick Gentleman, MLA 23 June 2017
Young Indigenous leadership on show in Canberra Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 23 June 2017
Government moves to end greyhound racing in the ACT Gordon Ramsay, MLA 23 June 2017
Canberra schools need funding certainty Yvette Berry, MLA 23 June 2017
2018 Project Funding and Book of the Year to open for applications Gordon Ramsay, MLA 22 June 2017
ACT Government celebrates World Refugee Day Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 22 June 2017
Pharmacists to vaccinate against whooping cough Meegan Fitzharris, MLA 22 June 2017
High school student’s pitch for their slice of health funding Meegan Fitzharris, MLA 22 June 2017
ACT Strengthens Efforts to Welcome Refugees Rachel Stephen-Smith, MLA 22 June 2017
People with disability give parks extra TLC Meegan Fitzharris, MLA 21 June 2017
Consultation on an Arts Advisory body begins Gordon Ramsay, MLA 21 June 2017

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