The ACT Government is committed to evolving Canberra into a smart and connected digital city, through leading-edge initiatives.


ACT Digital Strategy

The ACT Digital Strategy sets out how we will continue to harness the opportunities of digital and technology to continue to grow Canberra as an inclusive, progressive and connected city.

What is Digital?

Digital describes a new way of doing things. Deliberately challenging and disruptive of conventional practice, it is the use of technology to effect radical change. It is about innovation, creating value, ‘in real time’, removing unnecessary costs and activities. It places high value on the creation and use of data. But more than anything—and more than ever before, it places the customer at the centre of its vision.

Digital projects

Office of the Chief Digital Officer (OCDO)

The OCDO drives the ACT's digital agenda and lead the whole of government strategic direction for ICT.

Smart street lights

Canberra's new streetlight network which will aim to improve cost and energy efficiency while supporting services such as environmental monitoring.

CBRfree Public Wi-Fi

CBRfree provides users with access up to 250 megabytes per day over a fast broadband connection

Open Data

Data is the lifeblood of digital, and open data fuels the digital economy. The ACT Government is committed to providing data to the community for use by all.

Smart Parking

A trial at Manuka that uses innovative technology to save drivers time, reduce traffic delays and provide a better overall user experience.