2017 RTO Internal Review Tool – Now Available

The 2017 RTO Internal Review Tool (the Tool) is now available for RTOs to complete the annual internal audit.

RTOs with an ACT Funding Agreement (ACTFA) must complete an annual internal audit as required under Clause 9(11) of the ACTFA and Standards 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 of the ACT Standards for Delivery of Training (the ACT Standards).

RTOs must use the tool provided by Skills Canberra to conduct and record the outcome of its performance against the ACTFA, the ACT Standards and ACT Standards Compliance Guides.

RTOs are required to complete a range of test actions and to upload documents to demonstrate compliance with specific elements of the ACTFA, the ACT Standards and Compliance Guides. RTOs will also be expected to hold evidence to support all claims noted in the tool, which may be requested at any time by Skills Canberra.

The tool must be completed and submitted to the Skills Canberra using the online SmartForm. Submissions must be received by 1 February 2018.

The 2017 RTO Internal Review Guidelines document should be read prior to commencing the tool as it contains important information and guidance to assist RTOs.

The tool and guidelines document are available on the Audit Guide for Training Providers webpage.

A new RTO Internal Review Tool – Overview of Test Actions document is also available. This document may assist RTOs with planning their response to the test actions.

All RTO Internal Review related enquiries can be emailed to skills@act.gov.au.

Submitted on 2017-10-31 by Wechelle Balbarosa

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