Published: Interpretation Guide for the TAE Training Package Release 2.0

PwC’s Skills For Australia have developed a publication, designed to be a supplementary document to the TAE Training Package.

Following the second release of the TAE Training Package in April 2016, the Service Skills Organisation (SSO); PwC’s Skills For Australia received more than 500 queries on how it should be understood and implemented.

Following consultation sessions and based on the queries that were received, an Interpretation Guide was produced. The Guide provides advice on how to interpret key aspects of the TAE Training Package (Release 2.0).

The Interpretation Guide can be found on PwC’s Skills For Australia’s website.

If you have any questions about the Guide or the TAE Training Package, you can email PwC’s Skills For Australia:, or phone their hotline: 1800 714 819.

Submitted on 2016-10-13 by Matthew Haggan

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