Final ACT Skills Needs List 2017

Skills Canberra has finalised the ACT Skills Needs List for 2017.

The final ACT Skills Needs List for 2017 is now available. 

Skills Canberra has recently revised the ACT Skills Needs List. The 2017 list can be found on the skills needs list webpage.

The ACT Skills Needs List identifies the priority vocational education and training skills needs within the ACT and is important for both the Skilled Capital and Australian Apprenticeship (User Choice) programs. The list is used to assist in identifying which VET qualifications may receive government subsidy through these training initiatives, and the level of subsidy provided for a training place in those qualifications. 

The highest priority funding band for User Choice consists entirely of ACT Skills Needs List qualifications. However, there are many qualifications and occupations not represented on the Skills Needs List with skills requirements in the ACT that the Government will continue to fund through the User Choice program.

A qualification must be on the ACT Skills Needs List to be funded through the Skilled Capital initiative (with the exception of Certificate II pathways qualifications or other identified ACT Government priorities).

The revised ACT Skills Needs List was determined using evidence informed through the Forecasting of Industry Needs and Entitlement tool and consultation from stakeholders. Skills Canberra released two Draft Skills Needs Lists on 31 August 2016 for consultation. Public feedback regarding the importance of qualifications on these two lists was critical in determining which qualifications were included on the final ACT Skills Needs List.

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Submitted on 2016-10-28 by Matthew Haggan

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