Key End of Year Dates for ACT Vocational Education and Training Stakeholders

A consolidation of the key end of year dates for ACT VET stakeholders is available.


  • Payment claims received after COB Monday 5 December 2016 will not be guaranteed to be processed in 2016 (this includes both Australian Apprenticeships and Skilled Capital).
  • The final pay-run for 2016 will be processed on 14 December 2016.
  • The first pay run for 2017 will be run on 6 January 2017.

Staffing During Holiday Period

  • All mailbox enquiries will continue to be addressed with the branch’s 5 business day commitment up to 16 December 2016.
  • Any mailbox enquiries received from 16 December 2016 will not be guaranteed to receive a response within the 5 business day commitment.
  • Phone enquiries will continue to be answered up to 23 December 2016. Phone enquiries placed from 22 December 2016 may not be addressed until business re-opens on
    3 January 2017.
  • Mailbox and phone enquiries will commence being addressed from 3 January 2017.

Submitted on 2016-11-29 by Matthew Haggan

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