2017 Skilled Capital Release

The list of qualifications for Skilled Capital for 2017 has been released. Enrolments in these qualifications will open on 15 February 2017.

On 15 February 2017 the first release of Skilled Capital funded qualifications for 2017 will open. Places will be available for enrolment from 9:00am. Unlike the 2015 release, there will be no guaranteed enrolment period for RTOs. The qualification cap is a live counter and once places are exhausted in a qualification there will be no further enrolments.

It is important to note that some qualifications which have been part of the previous release may have new qualification subsidy amounts, new qualification caps and new minimum tuition fees. It is therefore important that RTOs ensure that new student fees are updated on AVEATRS prior to the enrolment of students. Qualifications will be open for nomination and tuition fee input on AVETARS from 3 January 2017.

Due to the above listed changes, Skills Canberra encourages interested parties to read supporting information, including the list of qualifications, available here. The documents detail the qualifications included as part of the release, the level of subsidy, the number of places in each qualification, the minimum tuition fee and the maximum concession available.

All existing Skilled Capital qualification caps that are currently open will be closed from midnight on 23 December 2016 to allow for the update of new qualifications, caps and subsidies in AVETARS. The ability to create new enrolments will be unavailable from that time until 15 February 2017.

All enquiries can be emailed to Skills Canberra at skills@act.gov.au.

Submitted on 2016-11-25 by Matthew Haggan

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