Skilled Capital – New Release of Places

An additional opening of 750 places across 14 qualifications will be released under Skilled Capital.

Fourteen qualifications will have places opened for funding under the Skilled Capital program from 9:00am 30 September 2015. The release of new qualifications will be in key skills needs areas and reflect changes in the identified skills needs of the ACT since the initial Skilled Capital release. The qualifications which are part of the mid-year release can be found on the Skilled Capital September Release Qualification List on the Skilled Capital Webpage.

Places will open for enrolment 9:00am 30 September 2015. Unlike the 23 February 2015 release, there will be no guaranteed enrolment period for RTOs. The qualification cap is a live counter and once places are exhausted in a qualification there will be no further enrolments. Each qualification will have between 50 and 90 places available and enrolments will be open until either all places are filled, or until the end of the year.  

In addition to the new release, there will be an increase in the amount paid for some foundation skills units.

Current qualifications funded under Skilled Capital will remain open until the end of the year or places are exhausted. 

Skilled Capital requires RTOs to publish student tuition fees on AVETARS prior to enrolment. Further advice will be provided on how to nominate qualifications for delivery and upload tuition fees in the coming days.

For further information including the list of qualifications, please visit the Skilled Capital Webpage or email

Submitted on 2015-09-14 by Matthew Haggan

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