Skilled Capital – AVETARS Display Error Under Enrolments Available Column

The values displayed in AVETARS under the Enrolments Available for certain qualifications are not correct due to a technical error. The other columns, including Enrolments Remaining, are correct for all qualifications. This will not impact Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) ability to enrol students in Skilled Capital qualifications.

The 14 qualifications which are part of the Skilled Capital September release opened for enrolments at 9:00am on 30 September 2015.  The Directorate discovered a technical error within AVETARS as the first enrolments were entered into the system. When accessing Qualifications -> Nominated Skilled Capital, AVETARS is currently displaying incorrect values under the Enrolments Available column  for qualifications which were part of initial Skilled Capital release in February 2015. The values under the other columns are correct for all of the qualifications part of the September release.


This error will not impact RTOs ability to enrol students in Skilled Capital qualifications. RTOs should look at the Enrolments Remaining column to see their remaining places.

The Directorate is aiming to rectify this error as soon as possible. 

For further information including the list of qualifications, please visit the Skilled Capital Webpage or email

Submitted on 2015-09-30 by Matthew Haggan

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