ACT Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Forum Review – Consultation Outcomes

The ACT Education and Training Directorate (the Directorate) conducted a review into the ACT RTO Forum (the forum) to ensure it remains appropriate and useful to ACT VET stakeholders. The review considered the content, format, timing and frequency of the forum. 

The proposed changes identified include some changes being trialled at the November forum and others proposed for implementation in 2016. A summary of the proposed changes is outlined below. Further information on the feedback received through the consultation process will be provided at the November forum.  

Changes for Implementation in November 2015
  • Change of start time from 8:30am to 10:30am. 
  • Formal proceedings have been shortened. 
  • Networking morning tea has been replaced with a networking lunch following the forum.
  • General changes to the content of the presentations to ensure content is relevant. 

Changes being Explored for 2016
  • Some content will be removed from forum presentations and will be provided via other communication channels. 
  • A mechanism to record presentations and make available following the forum.

The Directorate acknowledges and appreciates the feedback provided. The proposed changes will be trialled and further feedback will be sought following future forums to ensure the changes are achieving the desired outcomes. 

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Submitted on 2015-10-27 by Matthew Haggan

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