Better Linkages between Employment and Training Initiative (Better Linkages) Products Published

Products developed through the 2013 Better Linkages projects have been published on the Education and Training Directorate website and are available for use by stakeholders.

A number of resources were developed by 2013 Better Linkages project teams and these have now been published and are available for use by providers.

Hairdressing Resources

  1. Understanding Hairdressing – designed to assist job seekers to understand what a career in hairdressing involves, whether it is a career they would enjoy and are suited to, and what training is required to become a hairdresser.
  2. What Hairdressing Employers Want - designed to assist job seekers to find employment in hairdressing.

Resources for school leavers 

  1. Fact sheet on JSA providers for school leavers
  2. Form for referring a school leaver to a JSA provider
  3. Job Search Guide for school leavers

These resources can be incorporated into websites or e-learn programs or printed.

Please refer to the Better Linkages webpage for access to these resources.

Submitted on 2015-03-18 by Matthew Haggan

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