Skilled Capital Update: Key Information for 2016 Release of Places Now Available

Information about the 2016 Skilled Capital release is now available including the Skilled Capital Qualification List, ACT Standards Compliance Guide for Skilled Capital and the enrolment open date.

Skilled Capital Qualification List 

The Skilled Capital Qualification List available on the Skilled Capital webpage includes the qualifications available under Skilled Capital, the Qualification Subsidy Amounts (QSA), minimum tuition fee, the qualification cap and the maximum concession available. 

Some qualifications which have been part of the previous Skilled Capital release may have new qualification subsidy amounts, qualification caps and minimum tuition fees. It is important RTOs ensure their new student fees are updated on AVETARS prior to the enrolment of students. AVETARS will be open for qualification nomination and tuition fee input from 4 January 2016. 

Current Skilled Capital Qualification Caps and Enrolments

All Skilled Capital qualification caps that are currently open will be closed from 11:59pm on 31 December 2015 to allow for the update of new qualifications, caps and subsidies in AVETARS. The ability to create new enrolments will be unavailable from 1 January 2016 to 27 January 2016.

Enrolments Opening

The first release of Skilled Capital funded qualifications for 2016 will open for enrolment from 9:00am 27 January 2016. 

There will be approximately 2,700 places, across 66 qualifications opening for enrolment. Unlike the 23 February 2015 Skilled Capital release, there will be no guaranteed enrolment period. The qualification cap is a live counter and once places are exhausted in a qualification there will be no further enrolments.

ACT Standards Compliance Guide for Skilled Capital 

An updated ACT Standards Compliance Guide for Skilled Capital effective 1 January 2016 is now available on the ACT Standards Webpage

There have been a number of significant changes to both the ‘Standards’ and ‘Requirements’ sections of the Compliance Guide. A number of changes have been made to align Skilled Capital and Australian Apprenticeships including changes to student eligibility to include specified visa holders and changes to the Skilled Capital student completion payment. There will now be one consistent student completion payment rate across the two initiatives regardless of qualification level.

RTOs are encouraged to review the document thoroughly to ensure compliance. 

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Submitted on 2015-12-18 by Matthew Haggan

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