Reminder: Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT) Trial

The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) is developing FSAT for the Australian Government. Vocation and education (VET) and employment services providers are encouraged to participate in the FSAT trial to ensure that the final assessments are valid, reliable, and fair. 

FSAT will be a purpose built, stand-alone online platform. The assessment will comprise two distinct assessment versions: a full assessment of Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) and Skills for Work (CSfW), and an integrated short assessment.  

To complete the trial phase, ACER requires a minimum of 200 different learners to answer each question so that valid psychometric data can verify the quality of the assessments.  

In return for participation in the trial, ACER is offering providers the chance to select two literacy or numeracy resources free of charge.
For further information on the FSAT trial, refer to this ACER web page.

National Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Conference 

To enable providers to learn more about FSAT, and foundation skills in general, ACER is holding a conference in Adelaide on 14-15 May 2015. The conference will address important issues with adult and youth literacy and numeracy assessment, teaching and learning. 

For further information on the conference, refer to this ACER web page.

Submitted on 2015-04-15 by Matthew Haggan

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