REMINDER: Upcoming Quarterly AVETMISS Submission

The submission window for reporting RTO activity data for the March 2017 quarter is from 1 April to 15 April 2017.

Registered training organisations (RTOs) are required to lodge at least one submission in this period. If more than one submission is provided, the last submission lodged will be used. 

This requirement applies to all RTOs that have an ACT Funding Agreement (ACTFA) v2.0 including those with approved teach-out arrangements under ACTFA v1.1.

The submission must include ALL funded activity delivered from 1 January 2017 to 31 March 2017, however finalised outcomes are not necessary and continuing outcomes are acceptable. 

RTO activity data must be validated using the online NCVER AVETMISS Validation Software (AVS) with 0 errors.

The validated RTO activity data and AVS validation summary report (csv file) must be lodged using AVETARS. You must also include a comment with your submission that identifies your data as being submitted for reporting processes (e.g. 2017 March quarter AVETMISS reporting).

As a reminder, when submitting RTO activity data in AVETARS, do not select the option for payment claim.

RTOs that have no AVETMISS activity to report, must advise the Directorate via email to  

For more information regarding the submission requirements refer to the ACT AVETMISS Reporting 2017 Guide.

Enquiries can be directed to

Submitted on 2017-03-27 by Matthew Haggan

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