Changes to the ACT Nominal Durations of Australian Apprenticeships Qualifications

Changes to the nominal durations of a number of Australian Apprenticeships qualifications in the ACT will occur in April 2016. 

As a result of the release of A Shared Responsibility - Apprenticeships for the 21st Century Final Report of the Expert Panel in 2011, the Australian Government, in conjunction with states and territories, committed to develop a set of principles to drive greater national consistency in Australian Apprenticeships arrangements. One of the commitments is the harmonisation of the nominal durations of qualifications. 

Stakeholders have been updated on the progress of the broader harmonisation work through the ACT RTO Forums, including the commitments made to the reform agenda by state and territory ministers. To achieve this piece of the agreed harmonisation work, the ACT has identified an initial list of 51 Australian Apprenticeships qualifications where the nominal duration in the ACT is not consistent with other jurisdictions. These nominal durations will be changed to reflect the national position. A decision on a further 72 qualifications is still being finalised by the states and territories.

Changes to the nominal durations will not impact on existing Australian Apprenticeships Training Contracts (training contracts) and will only affect new training contracts approved following 15 April 2016. 

Existing arrangements such as competency based completion and the provision to extend a training contract where necessary, continue to apply. 

An information flyer has been developed to support registered training organisations (RTOs) and Apprenticeship Network providers (ANPs) in communicating the changes to employers and Australian Apprentices. The flyer which includes the list of the initial 51 qualifications which will be impacted by a change to the nominal duration is available on the VET Admin webpage

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Submitted on 2016-03-22 by Matthew Haggan

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