Skilled Capital Release - 2 August 2017

The 2017 Skilled Capital midyear release includes an opening of 1530 places across 37 qualifications and 620 places across 12 Skill Sets.

On 2 August 2017, the midyear release of Skilled Capital will open for enrolment from 9:30am. There will be 2150 places across 49 qualifications and Skill Sets. The list of qualifications and Skill Sets for the release can be found on the Skilled Capital Webpage.

Skill Sets will be available as part of the release for the first time. It is important to note there will be eligibility requirements for Skill Set enrolments which are specific to each Skill Set. The additional eligibility criteria are detailed in the Skill Set spreadsheet and PDF on the Skilled Capital webpage.

Skill Sets will function in a similar way to full qualifications delivered under Skilled Capital with some minor changes to the values for the loadings and the completion bonus. Changes will be detailed in the updated ACT Standards Compliance Guide for Skilled Capital to be released later this week.

The release will not have a guaranteed enrolment period for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). The qualification and Skill Set cap is a live counter and once places have reached capacity there will be no further enrolments available.

All qualifications and Skill Sets released in 2017 which currently have places remaining will remain open until the end of the year or until all places have been exhausted.

The release includes an increase in the qualification cap for 12 qualifications which were part of the original February 2017 release. The number of new places is outlined in the August 2017 Skilled Capital release table found at the link above.

Key Dates

30 June 2017
Updated ACT Standards Compliance Guide for Skilled Capital released. The guide will apply for enrolments from 2 August 2017. The updated guide includes changes to eligibility for School Students, and the new rules and program elements for the inclusion of Skill Sets in Skilled Capital.
7 July 2017
Qualification nominations open on AVETARS for new qualifications*; RTOs to nominate new qualifications and input tuition fees. The AVETARS manual includes a guide on nominating qualifications for Skilled Capital.
25 July 2017
Final day for training providers to update qualification nominations and tuition fees on AVETARS to ensure nominations are included in the website update on
Wednesday 2 August 2017Skilled Capital enrolments open on AVETARS from 9:30am.
22 December 2017
All Skilled Capital qualifications and Skill Sets released in 2017 closed for enrolments. This date is subject to change dependent on AVETARS maintenance requirements.

*Please note: Skill Set nominations on AVETARS will not be available on 4 July. The date on which Skill Sets will be available for nomination will be advised via news item in the coming weeks.

Other relevant information for Skilled Capital and for this release:

  • This is the first release to include Skill Sets; the decision to include Skill Sets and the underlying policy rationale was detailed in the Skills Canberra Training Products Funding Policy – Outcomes Paper.
  • An interim ACT Skills Needs List will include new qualifications from this release and can be found on the ACT Skills Needs List Webpage.
  • A final 2017 Skills Needs List will be released later in the year.
  • Any ACTFA-holding RTO is eligible to enrol students in Skilled Capital provided it has scope to deliver the training product in the ACT as per their ASQA registration and has nominated the training product on AVETARS

For further information including the list of qualifications, please visit the Skilled Capital Webpage or email

Submitted on 2017-06-26 by Wechelle Balbarosa

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