Skilled Capital Update: ‘Available Enrolments’ display error

The AVETARS RTO portal is currently displaying incorrect values under the ‘Enrolments Available’ column for some qualifications.

Skilled Capital – enrolment display error

AVETARS is currently displaying incorrect values in the ‘Nominated Skilled Capital’ section (Image 1 below) under the ‘Enrolments Available’ column (Image 2 below) for qualifications which were part of previous Skilled Capital releases. This is a display error only and will not impact on Skilled Capital enrolments. The values under the other columns are correct for all qualifications.

The ‘Enrolments Remaining’ column displays the correct number of places left in each of the qualifications. RTOs should look at these values when trying to determine how many places are available before the qualification caps are exhausted.

Image 1 

AVETARS error 2

Image 2

AVETARS error 1

Reminder to all ACTFA holding RTOs

Skilled Capital enrolments are now open for 2016, any RTO with an ACTFA is able to enrol students in Skilled Capital, providing they have scope within the ACT to deliver that qualification.

Submitted on 2016-01-29 by Matthew Haggan

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