Skilled Capital 12 Month Evaluation Report

The 12 month evaluation of the ACT’s entitlement program, Skilled Capital, has been finalised. The evaluation makes use of data from the initial release of Skilled Capital in 2015 to look at student outcomes and to assess elements of the program’s policy implementation.

The Skilled Capital 12 month evaluation was conducted to review the ACT’s flagship entitlement program’s first year of operation.  While the program is still in its pilot stage, valuable data obtained over its three releases of training places, both from Skills Canberra’s own records and from extensive stakeholder consultation, has enabled a thorough assessment of its key elements and attributes.  The evaluation document describes Skilled Capital’s background; its review’s purpose, key questions of focus and methodology; and the evaluation’s findings, drawing conclusions about possible avenues for change to the program’s design.  The elements evaluated are student eligibility criteria, budget protection mechanisms, tuition fees, access and equity, increasing contestable training funding, improving access to skills needs areas and student completion outcomes.  Importantly, the document also addresses Skilled Capital’s contribution to the ACT’s National Partnership training targets.

The evaluation report can be found here: 


Submitted on 2016-04-29 by Matthew Haggan

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