Training Organisations

Registered Training Organisations

A registered training organisation (RTO) is an organisation, registered in accordance with the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations to provide specific vocational education and training and/or assessment services. RTOs may include TAFE institutes, private providers, community providers, schools, higher education institutions, industry organisations and enterprises.

Benefits of using an RTO

they have appropriately qualified training and assessment staff

  • deliver nationally recognised courses and qualifications
  • will have a code of practice
  • are audited to meet national standards
  • have processes in place for dealing with queries and concerns
  • can operate across Australia.

To find a RTO or nationally recognised course, training package, qualification or unit/s of competency please refer to

Group Training Organisations

A group training organisation (GTO) employs Australian Apprentices under an National Training Contract (training contract) and is responsible for placing the individual with a suitable host employer.

The Australian Apprentice may be rotated by the GTO through numerous host employers to ensure they receive the necessary on-the-job training. The GTO is responsible for working with their nominated registered training organisation (RTO) to ensure the distribution of the relevant training materials required for the Australian Apprentice to complete their training components.

Benefits of registration with a GTO

Individuals benefit because:

  • GTOs are responsible for finding the initial host employer offering the benefits of a recruiter working to gain successful employment for the individual
  • if the individual’s current placement does not work out the apprentice/trainee can be placed with a different host through the GTO
  • financial security is offered as the GTO ensures all wages, employment records and pay rates are correct and fair
  • the GTO will arrange the necessary off-the-job training
  • GTO staff monitor all on and off-the-job training to ensure the training is relevant and of a high standard
  • there is ongoing support from the GTO to resolve any issues or problems that the apprentice/trainee may face during their training contract period
  • some GTO’s will offer assistance with finding ongoing employment once training is finalised.