Australian Apprenticeships

  • include both apprenticeships and traineeships
  • are a great way to recruit staff and train employees
  • offer a huge choice of qualifications to improve the operation of any business.

Australian Apprenticeships are 'competency based' which means training can be completed as soon as the required skill level in the full qualification is reached.

The funding provided for Australian Apprenticeships is known as User Choice. User Choice is a national funding policy for Australian Apprenticeships promoting choice in training services provided to employers and Australian Apprentices.

A key feature of Australian Apprenticeships is more flexibility for the users (employers and Australian Apprentices) of the training system. User Choice is a model for achieving client responsive training which means that businesses and Australian Apprentices can select their own registered training organisation (RTO) and negotiate how, where and when the training and assessment is to occur.

Under the User Choice minimum service requirements the State Training Authority (STA) administers payments to RTOs, for the ACT Government, as a contribution towards the cost of training. The ACT Qualifications Register lists available funding amounts for RTOs accessing User Choice funding to deliver Australian Apprenticeships qualifications in the ACT.

For more information related to Australian Apprenticeships please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or the following websites.

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways