Group Training Organisations

Group training organisations (GTOs) support the Australian Apprenticeship system by providing employment for Australian Apprentices. A GTO also offers administrative support to employers acting as a host to Australian Apprentices.

When using a GTO many of the responsibilities a business has as an employer are transferred to the GTO. The GTO is the legal employer of the Australian Apprentice and therefore is responsible for:

  • the placement of the Australian Apprentice
  • all wages and employment records
  • the supply of training materials required for the successful completion of training components
  • all administrative support to the employer and employee.

By using a GTO, the Australian Apprenticeships administration is managed by the GTO. GTOs are especially useful to smaller businesses which do not have the spectrum to fully train an apprentice in all aspects of the job. The GTO can rotate the Australian Apprentice through multiple host employers to cover each aspect of the training required.

Requirements for a GTO:

  • A GTO will only be registered in the ACT if applying to receive funding under the Joint Group Training Program (JGTP). GTOs should apply concurrently for registration, JGTP funding and a services agreement with the ACT Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (the Directorate).
  • Compliance with the National Standards for Group Training Organisations (current version) is mandatory for GTOs to be registered in the ACT.
  • Compliance with the GTO's Deed of Grant is mandatory for any GTOs’ initial and ongoing access to funding under JGTP.
  • Registered GTOs will undertake the employer responsibilities for the quality and continuity of the Australian Apprentice’s employment and training and will manage the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the student’s National Training Contract (training contract).
  • In providing work-related training GTOs and host employers must comply with any code of practice approved by the Minister for Education and Training under the Training and Tertiary Education Act 2003 and notified under the Legislation Act 2001.
  • Registered GTOs will have effective reporting procedures in place to ensure reporting requirements are met on a monthly and as requested basis.
  • Registered GTOs must agree to participate in external monitoring and audit processes required by the Directorate, including compliance and strategic audits.
  • The Directorate is responsible for the registration of GTOs in the ACT and the allocation of funding under the JGTP.