2016 Winners

ACT Industry Collaboration Award

Indigenous Australian Government Development Program (IAGDP)


Transformed Pty Ltd

Department of Education

Department of Employment

The Indigenous Australian Government Development Program (IAGDP) is jointly administered by the Departments of Education and Employment on behalf of over 28 participating Australian Public Service Agencies. The IAGDP is a 15-month program that combines ongoing employment with structured learning and aims to increase the representation of Indigenous Australians working in the Australian Government. Since 2012, Transformed has delivered diploma level qualifications in government with specialisations in project management, community capacity and procurement and contract management for the IAGDP with over 600 participants having completed the program since its inception. The IAGDP is open to all Indigenous Australians regardless of their age, employment status, or education background. The impact of the IAGDP and Transformed collaboration is extensive. The impact is not only the transformation of the lives of the participants but the personal enrichment and reward felt through involvement in a program that so successfully contributes to social equity and opportunity for under-represented groups.

ACT School Pathways to VET

CCCares @ Canberra College

CCCares @ Canberra College is a program for pregnant and parenting students from the ACT and surrounding districts. The College provides flexible delivery of learning which contributes towards their students’ Senior Secondary Certificate and certified competency-based training. Students have access to industry specific courses and the provision of appropriate pathways and qualifications. These options allow them to develop the necessary skills and personal strengths they need to become marketable and employable and to move towards financial independence in the future. CCCares encourages lifelong learning and assists students to plan their careers and learning to best support themselves and their young families. Currently, CCCares @ Canberra College is working with the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), Access Recognised Training, Australian Training Company, JCE Positive Outcomes and MBA Group Training to meet the needs of the students.

ACT Small Employer of the Year

Bond Hair Religion

Bond Hair Religion is a multi-award winning salon located in Kingston, Canberra. Their vision is to be a passionate, innovative, creative, consistent, excellent and well known organisation. Over 11 years of trading the team has grown to 12 team members including five apprentices. The Bond Hair Religion team engages in regular training activities to improve on professional skills, creativity enhancement and personal development. Boasting a large waiting list and an intensely loyal clientele, Bond Hair Religion clients are so impressed by their experience that they book advanced appointments to ensure their preferred time and stylist are locked in. At the end of 2015, over 300 clients booked more than a year in advance.

Bond Hair Religion will represent the ACT and compete for national recognition at the Australian Training Awards in Darwin on 17 November 2016.

ACT Medium Employer of the Year

National Mailing and Marketing (NMM)

National Mailing and Marketing (NMM) is a specialist provider of integrated logistics solutions and sustainable supply chain capabilities, offering a unique and diverse range of value-added services to the public and private sectors. First opening for business in May 1993, NMM has grown to become one of the industry’s largest and most respected service providers in the ACT region. With many long-standing working relationships in place, and over 160 public and private sector clients, NMM has the experience to deliver warehousing, distribution and direct mail services to a variety of clients. NMM has 49 staff, of whom 44 have had the opportunity to complete job specific and career based training over the past three years. NMM is an equal opportunity employer, offering flexible working arrangements for their staff. The organisation has established a reputation as a socially responsible company, recognising the value and contribution of a diverse and experienced workforce.

ACT Large Employer of the Year


ActewAGL is proud to have the most reliable electricity network in the country. As an energy distributor, ActewAGL has specifically targeted training for their employees that directly relates to the maintenance of skills and competencies for their core work activities. ActewAGL has actively pursued the concept of multi-skilling their current trades staff so that they can be a more productive and efficient organisation. With approximately 700 staff, ActewAGL is committed to investing in training for their employees, from trades staff through to office-based staff. ActewAGL has on-site facilities to provide real life simulation training, providing exposure to tasks such as testing of low voltage connections, construction/demolition, and height safety training. These facilities provide a safe and secure environment for learners to become comfortable with practical activities. ActewAGL now also has the flexibility to deliver certified competency training using workplace subject matter experts who are qualified trainers.

ACT Small Training Provider of the Year

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE)

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is Australia’s most awarded 3D animation, game design and visual FX educator. Created as a non-profit organisation to grow the creative digital sector, AIE pioneered the development of specialist game qualifications and continues to innovate through industry partnerships and dynamic teaching. AIE delivers a range of accredited courses to support an array of training outcomes and prides itself on leading the tertiary education sector in the training of highly skilled 3D artists, game programmers and game designers. As a training organisation delivering highly specialised courses it is essential that currency is maintained with industry practices. Teachers utilise innovative delivery tools such as virtual classroom and project management software which give students collaborative and sharing opportunities. The use of this technology has allowed teachers to cover more content in a session and better support student learning, leading to improved outcomes.

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment will represent the ACT and compete for national recognition at the Australian Training Awards in Darwin on 17 November 2016.

ACT Large Training Provider of the Year

Canberra Institute of Technology

The Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) is the larges and longest serving provider of vocational education and training (VET) in the ACT. Over its impressive 90 year history, CIT has proven itself by diversifying and adapting to the challenges of the national VET environment with passion, innovation and dedication. CIT provides an extensive range of VET programs from short courses to advanced diplomas. CIT has six campuses across Canberra and delivers nationally recognised training via the workplace, online and on-campus. CIT trains over 20,000 students each year, touching more lives post-secondary school than any other tertiary education institution in the ACT. CIT is always aiming to build on its reputation as a quality provider of VET and open up new opportunities for students and Canberra’s skills sector.

ACT VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year

Daniel McNamara

Subject Area: Outdoor Education
Employer: UC Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra

Dan lives, breathes and dreams a passion for teaching Outdoor Education. His commitment to education and his deep interest in adventure combine to deliver the highest level outcomes for the students he works with. His combination of skills, qualifications, experience and student outcomes make him a highly sought after practitioner in the industry. Dan’s extreme work environments include the subterranean marvels of Western Australia’s Nullarbor caves, snow camps in the Australian Alps, and remote islands on the Great Barrier Reef. Dan draws on his vast knowledge, passion and energy to make great things achievable and maximises student opportunities to participate, develop and succeed. Dan’s leadership and teaching of the Outdoor Education Program at the college has led to outstanding outcomes for students, the college and the sector at large. Dan is working closely with the ACT Education Directorate to train the next generation of teachers in his subject area through the Outdoor Leadership Mentoring Program.

Daniel will represent the ACT and compete for national recognition at the Australian Training Awards in Darwin on 17 November 2016.

ACT Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year

Madeline Wallace

Qualification: Certificate III in Business
Employer: Weston Creek Veterinary Hospital
School: Radford College RTO: Canberra Institute of Technology

In 2015, Madeline completed a Certificate II in Animal Studies through an ASBA while working at the Weston Creek Veterinary Hospital, alongside veterinary nurses and as a cattery attendant. Madeline then transitioned into a second ASBA, studying a Certificate III in Business and working as a receptionist. Madeline initially chose to study Animal Studies because of her love of animals. In the future, Madeline would like to continue her studies and undertake a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing with the hope that she can travel overseas and work with animals. Madeline is also passionate about sports, as a player and a coach. She is currently the Girls Basketball Captain at Radford College and has represented the ACT for basketball in the Pacific School Games. During her time at school, Madeline has participated in the Relay for Life, Cancer Council Fundraisers, and assisted with discos organised for people with disabilities.

Madeline will represent the ACT and compete for national recognition at the Australian Training Awards in Darwin on 17 November 2016.

ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year

Jacob Keed

Qualification: Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs
RTO: Canberra Institute of Technology
Employer: Flexible Transport Office, Territory and Municipal Services

Jacob is currently working in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Bus Team and is furthering his education by studying two courses at the Canberra Institute of Technology’s Yurauna Centre. Jacob’s work provides responsive transport to local members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community who are at risk of social isolation because of a lack of access to regular transport. A significant part of Jacob’s role is to work closely with the community to identify vulnerable people and connect them with services that improve their lives. Jacob leads by example and also works in the community to reconnect those who are displaced with their culture, history and connection to the land. Through his own resourcefulness and tenacity he has developed, facilitated, coordinated and hosted two Cultural Exploration Days to promote reconciliation and learning among school students attending cultural awareness courses. These days have been recognised as highly successful events.

Jacob will represent the ACT and compete for national recognition at the Australian Training Awards in Darwin on 17 November 2016.

ACT Vocational Student of the Year

Kerrie Brewer

Qualification: Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development
RTO: Canberra Institute of Technology
Employer: Kerrie Brewer Photographer

Kerrie’s VET journey started with an interest in photography and a desire to develop her skills in something she was passionate about. To Kerrie, photography has always been a way of documenting life and capturing images that evoke memories of those precious moments that are so easily forgotten. After being a full-time mother for 12 years, studying was a big change for Kerrie, who enrolled in short courses, before commencing the Certificate IV in Photo Imaging at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) in 2014. She transitioned into the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development once she realised she could turn her passion into a career. Kerrie is now pursuing a career she loves and is running her own freelance photography business which gives her the flexibility to spend time with her family.

Kerrie will represent the ACT and compete for national recognition at the Australian Training Awards in Darwin on 17 November 2016.

ACT Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year

Chloe Handley

Qualification: Certificate IV in Government  
RTO: Canberra Institute of Technology
Host Employer: ACT Education and Training Directorate
GTO: Australian Training Company

During school, Chloe aspired to become an events and weddings manager. After completing Year 12, she was accepted into a Bachelor of Business, specialising in Event Management at the University of Canberra. Chloe declined the university offer in favour of studying an Advanced Diploma of Event Management at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). Upon completing the Advanced Diploma, Chloe undertook a traineeship in Government with the ACT Education and Training Directorate. Working within the Media and Communications team enabled Chloe to utilise her new skills and combine work with hands on experience in the industry, whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the workings of Government. In 2015, Chloe was selected as one of the 21 apprentices and trainees (out of 35,000) from around Australia to participate in ‘Today’s Skills, Tomorrow’s Leaders’ program. Outside of work, Chloe is a martial arts instructor with over 10 years experience.

Chloe will represent the ACT and compete for national recognition at the Australian Training Awards in Darwin on 17 November 2016.

ACT Australian Apprentice of the Year

Shane Dealy

Qualification: Certificate III in Carpentry  
RTO: Canberra Institute of Technology
Employer: Algoa Holdings

Shane’s first experience in the construction industry was through his father’s business, Algoa Holdings. After studying engineering for 18 months at university, Shane was not convinced this was the career path for him. Shane made the swap to study a Certificate III in Carpentry at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), and was immediately impressed by the student first approach that the VET sector offers. Since the commencement of his apprenticeship, Shane has been involved in a range of projects from new homes through to extensions and landscaping. Shane has a keen interest in camping and hiking, and has travelled to various places on Australia’s East Coast. He has since learned to appreciate what the environment has to offer and how important it is to protect. This environmental awareness continually influences his decisions, by ensuring sustainable building practices are used at work and his participation as a volunteer in the Clean Coast Collective clean-up.

Shane will represent the ACT and compete for national recognition at the Australian Training Awards in Darwin on 17 November 2016.

Norm Fisher Award

Ann Goleby

In a career extending almost 40 years, Ann Goleby constantly exhibited the characteristics of a passionate educator and leader in the vocational education and training (VET) sector in the ACT. Ann worked tirelessly to ensure better quality training outcomes for students, industry and the ACT community through both her time as a teacher and as a public servant.

Ann’s knowledge and understanding of student needs, teachers and teaching practice, of institutional policy, process and governance arrangements meant she was able to bring both a practical and insightful perspective to VET issues both locally and nationally.

In her early teaching years, Ann was a strong advocate for access and equity particularly for the most vulnerable of VET students. In her 33 years at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), Ann tackled multiple roles of teacher, curriculum developer, program evaluator, manager, administrator and senior manager with great enthusiasm, dedication and skill.

Ann joined the Training and Tertiary Education (TaTE) branch of the then ACT Education and Training Directorate in 2010. In these leadership roles, Ann led the branch in the reform of RTO contract and funding arrangements, implementing a quality framework for ACT VET delivery, new funded training initiatives, the ACT’s Skills Reform agenda and the implementation of a new IT system (AVETARS) in 2015.

In the nearly four decades that Ann Goleby served VET in the ACT, she consistently demonstrated a determination to learn, to challenge often hard-held assumptions and to test innovative ideas. She undertook critical projects in both CIT and within the Directorate that had, and still have, a significant impact on the quality of delivery and the effectiveness of the systems that underpin it. Whilst addressing the immediate needs of the VET system and its end-users, the reforms led by Ann have not only set a firm benchmark for current performance, they have also set a clear direction for VET into the future.