Audit Guide for Training Providers

The ACT Government uses a range of audit methods to assess RTO compliance. The Audit Guide for Training Providers in the ACT (the Guide) provides information about the audit strategy for ACT Government training initiatives. The Guide provides the context, key objectives and an overview of the end-to-end audit process. It also provides information on the type of audits conducted and provides the methodology for RTO and student file sample selection.

Audit Guide for Training Providers in the ACT PDF (615kb)

RTO Internal Review

Under section 9 of the ACT Funding Agreement (ACTFA) each RTO must conduct an internal audit a minimum of once every calendar year, to assess its ongoing suitability and compliance with the Deed of Agreement and the adequacy of operations in ensuring consistency of outcomes.
The objectives of the RTO Internal Review Tool are to:

  • assist RTOs meet their contractual requirements under the ACTFA
  • assist RTOs meet the minimum service requirements of each ACT funded training initiative
  • promote quality training and assessments systems
  • ensure accurate reporting and record keeping practices
  • provide a set of outcomes for RTOs to self-assess compliance and assist in establishing a framework to identify and develop improvement practices.

All RTOs with an ACTFA must use the 2016 RTO Internal Review Tool (tool) to conduct and record the outcome of its own annual internal audit for the 2016 calendar year. In addition to being a contractual requirement, the tool should form part of the RTO’s internal controls.

The tool must be completed and submitted to Skills Canberra using the online SmartForm. Submissions must be received by 5pm 1 February 2017.

2016 RTO Internal Review Tool

2016 RTO Internal Review Tool

2016 RTO Internal Review Tool Guidelines

2016 RTO Internal Review Tool Guidelines PDF (129kb)
The 2016 RTO Internal Review Guidelines provide detailed information about the completion and submission process. RTOs should review the Guidelines before attempting to complete the Tool.