Summary of Council Outcomes 6 December 2013

Summary of Council Outcomes

This document is a public summary of matters considered by Council. This summary is not intended to be a detailed set of minutes and does not cover all matters considered by the Council.


Beyond the Binary
Council members noted the tabling of the BDMR Amendment Bill, and outlined the work undertaken to date on the Bill, specifically noting that the Bill was revised with Council input. A media release on the day of tabling attracted significant attention and Council Members responded to radio and print media requests. Further work for Council regarding the Bill includes seeking bi-partisan support, as appropriate and informing the community of debate and tabling arrangements. Further work for the Council regarding the experience of trans and intersex persons includes work around medical/intervention, interstate recognition and young people and consent issues.

Canberra Brand
Council was provided with material on the development of the Canberra Brand, and highlighted that the brand was for use by groups, such as the Council, and the community. A ‘rainbow’ brand was presented to Council as an example of how the brand could be connected with community use.

2013 Debrief
Comments from members were positive on the Council’s work during 2013. It was agreed that continuing work to improve community engagement (Portal, Facebook) was a priority, as were strengthening links with health and aged care groups/forums. Minister Barr raised membership as something he is interested in members views on during 2014.

2014 Planning Day
A Planning day will be scheduled for first Council meeting in 2014 – February 7. Members were asked to consider 2014 priorities projects/programs and how best to advance them prior to the Planning Day.