Summary of Council Outcomes 4 October 2013

Summary of Council Outcomes

This document is a public summary of matters considered by Council. This summary is not intended to be a detailed set of minutes and does not cover all matters considered by the Council.


Beyond the Binary
Minister Barr advised that tabling of amendments to the Births Deaths and Marriages Registration Act is scheduled for the spring sitting of the Assembly (November 2013). The Council renewed its commitment to providing ongoing advice, as required, on the draft legislation.

Council members met with Senior Executive staff from the Community Services Directorate regarding out-of-home care placement issues for children and young people. CSD will consider a review of youth placement policies during 2014. Members to look at meeting with other non-government organisations (e.g. Barnardos, Create, Marymead, Communities@Work) to discuss a possible service-based model for out-of-home-care placements which recognises the specific needs and experiences of LGBTIQ young people, particularly where their sexuality, gender identity or intersex status has had a direct impact on their need to access out of home care.

Ageing and Aged Care
Council subcommittee members indicated that a community survey had been finalised and was ready for distribution, and discussed the possibility of a collaborative ‘information gathering’ forum before the end of the year to better determine community needs and concerns relating to ageing and aged care.

Marriage Equality Bill
Minister Barr advised that debate on the bill is scheduled for the October Assembly sittings. The Council noted the importance of the Bill being inclusive of the entire LGBTIQ community and to prepare a media release on the day of the debate.

Pinnacle Foundation - Presentation
Mr Brooke Horne from the Pinnacle Foundation met with the Council and provided an outline of the Foundation’s education scholarships and his desire for an ACT Regional Committee to be established to further the work of the Foundation. The Foundation received a number of ACT applicants for the 2013 Scholarships, which closed in October 2013. The Council offered to provide ongoing assistance with the Foundation’s work as required.