Summary of Council Outcomes 11 April 2014

Summary of Council Outcomes
Council Meeting 11 April 2014

[This document is a public summary of matters considered by Council. This summary is not intended to be a detailed set of minutes and does not cover all matters considered by the Council.]

Ages Care
Members volunteered to sit on a small project panel to oversee development of a report arising from the aged care survey and forum held in late 2013. Feedback will be sought on the draft report - specifically for trans and intersex related content.

Communication with the Community
Draft communication protocols are being developed to enable social media for the council, in particular Facebook and Twitter. Effective management of accounts, protocols to be managed by one or two members. Consideration needs to be given to the level of online interactivity, and branding requirements on posts. Members agreed to have a Twitter account running alongside Facebook.

Health practitioner guidelines for intersex people
Members were provide with a summary of progress made to date on progressing the Health Practitioner Guidelines for Intersex People project. Members supported the workplan and agreed that national groups could be advised about the planned work and provided with the opportunity to comment once further work has been completed.

Inclusive Sport Project – Update
Officials from the Economic Development Directorate updated members on the ‘Play by the Rules’ project. A number of recommendations from the project include: developing partnerships with the education sector and fitness industry; conduct national research; and resourcing to promote policies. An ACT inclusive sport survey had a high number of responses – 292. The project is also developing interviews with sports people on a range of LGBTIQ issues which will be available in October 2014 and is considering holding a high profile event to promote the project.

ACT Health MOU with LGBTI National Alliance
Act Health officials advised members of progress with the LGBTI National alliance, highlighting that discussions were a starting point in effecting cultural change. For the next 6 months there will be a strong focus on consumer feedback to continue bedding down education elements through focus groups and is keen to receive feedback from the Council. Discussion focussed on changes to health forms and data capture issues.