Summary Council Outcomes 13 June 2014

Summary of Council Outcomes
Council Meeting 13 June 2014

[This document is a public summary of matters considered by Council. This summary is not intended to be a detailed set of minutes and does not cover all matters considered by the Council.]

Feedback from Public Forum and Priority Updates
Members highlighted a number of outcomes from the forum including some new areas of interest raised with the Council; a perceived lack of engagement with particularly marginal parts of the LGBTIQ community; and LGBTIQ community seeking leadership role from Council.

Members highlighted that Council’s role was not to ‘fix’ things but call on support from the sector and harness their experience to progress issues raised. Council’s role should be to provide advice to Government and seek community engagement to lead on initiatives, where appropriate.

Specific items raised were: domestic violence/sexual assault; School Chaplaincy Program; Discrimination Act Review; Communications; Council Facebook and Twitter; and Health grants – Mental health issues.
Council agreed to progress identified items through their workplan.

Play by the Rules – Inclusive Sport Survey
Council agreed to followup with Economic Development Directorate (EDD) about specifics of activity being done or planned in the team sports and gym areas of the project, and how survey is to be promoted and possible Council involvement.