Canberra Social Plan

The Canberra Social Plan 2011 vision is that:

Canberra is a place where all people reach their potential, make a contribution and share the benefits of an inclusive community.

The Canberra Social Plan 2011 re-affirms the ACT Government’s commitment to the people of Canberra.  It is based on the themes of connection, belonging and collaboration.


Connection means a community where people feel connected with each other and the place they live. A connected community is welcoming, vibrant and adaptable. Connection means creating a socially cohesive community now and for the future.

Connection is premised on a commitment to human rights; active citizens; celebrating the diverse population of Canberra; and planning for a liveable community.


Belonging is supported by every individual having the opportunity and resources to take part in the community and reach their potential.

The foundations of belonging include government investment in services; education and employment opportunities; secure and sustainable housing; good health and wellbeing across the life course; and a collaborative and concerted effort to address disadvantage.


Collaboration or working together is the most effective way of building an inclusive community that fosters connection and belonging for all Canberrans.

Working in partnership is not new for the ACT Government. However, this Plan gives prominence to strengthening collaborative and joined-up ways of working. The key elements of collaboration are:

  • embedding a community inclusion approach in the work of ACT Government;
  • collaborative policy development and planning;
  • working with non-government organisations as advocates and service providers;
  • continuing to build the evidence base; and
  • accountability to the community through mechanisms such as the Measuring Our Progress websiteexternal link and Triple Bottom Line Reporting.

Canberra Social Plan 2011 [pdf PDF 1.1MB]

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Canberra Social Plan 2011 (Plain Text) [pdf PDF 627.9 KB]