Smart Parking Trial

 Alt=The ACT Government will conduct a Smart Parking trial at Manuka starting in the first quarter of 2016. Smart Parking Ltd will deliver the project, with construction beginning early November 2015.

Smart Parking Ltd, the successful vendors of the ACT Government’s request for proposal, are market leaders in smart parking technology with 70 per cent of the smart parking market globally. They have undertaken parking projects in Claremont, Western Australia, in the United Kingdom City of Westminster and the New Zealand cities of Auckland, New Plymouth and Taupo.

The Manuka Smart Parking trial will use innovative technology to save drivers time, reduce traffic delays and provide a better overall user experience. Drivers will be able to use the smart phone app and four intelligent traffic signs to be guided to an available parking space, while real time information on parking availability will be captured through 460 in-ground sensors.

Smart Parking will offer advantages to Manuka’s retailers and businesses as improved turnover of parking spaces will give shoppers greater access in a more convenient and efficient manner.

A new parking app, which will be specifically designed for the Manuka Smart Parking trial, will help commuters plan their trip by receiving information on parking availability before they leave. The app can also be used in transit to Manuka by using your smart phone in a legal hands-free operation or by a passenger.

Real time information from the sensors will be transmitted through Canberra’s free Wi-Fi service CBRfree to the electronic boards and the app.

Canberra has a high rate of smart phone take-up and since introducing the Parkmobile pay-by-phone App in mid-2014, this payment channel now accounts for 11 per cent of all parking transactions.

In recent years, a wide range of international cities such as Barcelona, San Francisco, London, Nice (and many more) have introduced new technologies and systems for parking.  Other cities in Australia, such as Perth and Adelaide, have either already introduced Smart Parking technologies or are in the process of trialing Smart Parking.

The ACT Government released a discussion paper for public consultation throughout February 2015.

A Strategic Priority of Government, this trial forms part of Digital Canberra, which includes a plan for the introduction of a smarter city, through the provision of digital services to the community. The ACT Government’s investments in digital services, such as Smart Parking, are part of the Government’s strong commitment to citizen centred services, the deliver a better user experience through digital tools and make it easier to move around the city and enhance our city centres.