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Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Act 2016

This annual omnibus bill represents the Government’s ongoing commitment to simplify or remove provisions that are redundant or create unnecessary administrative burden to business, Government, other organisations and individuals in the ACT.

Specifically, each of these omnibus bills captures reforms to regulation affecting numerous aspects of industry, government and other activities that are not captured by larger reform initiatives specific to certain industries.

These bills form part of the Government’s ongoing and broader objective to make life easier for those who work, employ, learn and live in the Territory.

This bill commenced on 27 April 2016.

The 2016 bill includes changes to:

  • simplify the licence application process for the security industry, making it easier for prospective workers to enter the industry
  • streamline the liquor license renewal processes, providing greater administrative flexibility in the renewal process.
  • extend the period for submission of trust account details to the Fair Trading Commissioner providing greater flexibility to licensed real estate businesses and stock and station agents during the busy time of setting up a new business.
  • reduce reporting burden on incorporated associations that also hold charitable collection licences by aligning the periods within which they must submit financial reports
  • enable in specific circumstances approved lotteries, including exempt lotteries, to be advertised on licensed premises – both internally and externally – provided the signage of the lottery does not refer to gaming machines
  • simplify the submission of complaints to the ACT Government, to make more effective use of digital communications.
  • remove the requirement for producing statutory declarations from several Acts, so that statements, instead of statutory declarations, can be submitted to Government electronically.
  • modernise fair trading legislation for motor vehicle sales by amending the definition of ‘accessory’ and excluding high voltage batteries of electric-powered vehicles from the definition, making these batteries warranty-covered.
  • ease burden on establishing joint venture activities at the University of Canberra, thus making it easier for UC to plan projects, and for project partners to participate.

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CBR Happening – Reforms to support events in the ACT

Following a review of the coordination process for events, the ACT is implementing a package of reforms to make it easier to organise events and have a seamless experience when working with government, while continuing the protections for which the regulations were established.

The strategies are:

  1. Single point of contact in Access Canberra for event organisers from May 2015
  2. New operating model for a single approval process within ACT Government, including single risk management and application process
  3. Events Policy Statement that provides overarching policy framework for supporting strategies, including:
  4. Major Events Strategy
  5. Community Events
  6. Live Events
  7. Investment in internal and online systems, to support a single application and approval process
  8. Monitoring and evaluation

The reform package will be implemented as a phased approach, with a single point of contact, an Events Policy Statement and streamlined approval process to be delivered throughout 2015-16. The final phase of online systems is expected in 2016-17.