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Why we undertook these reforms

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Why we undertook these reforms

The ACT Government did a review of the ACT taxi industry to examine the possible use of new technologies and how to reduce unnecessary regulation in the local taxi industry.

  • The review involved a number of consultation processes including a discussion paper, face-to-face meetings, social media and community surveys.
  • The outcomes of the review acknowledge that the taxi industry is evolving in the ACT (and elsewhere). New technologies have already been introduced by Canberra operators, and there is potential for further innovation through alternative digital technologies and business models.
  • Innovation and diversification of the economy will lead to improved customer experiences, better integration with other transport modes, better value for money and more choices for the community. 
    • This is particularly evident through use of smart phone applications to book and track public passenger services and the introduction of ride-share business models that provide consumer with more accessible and competitive on demand transport services.
  • We know Canberrans want to be able to access a range of convenient transport options, and the reforms have been designed to facilitate this whilst maintaining customer and driver safety and a level playing field for the existing taxi and hire car industry.
  • Taxis and other demand-responsive transport options are also important for social equity, and are often relied on by those with special transport needs. We need to ensure they continue to operate in a way that serves these needs.
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