Regional Engagement

The ACT Government recognises the role the ACT and Canberra plays within the broader region – as a city in its own right, as the nation's capital, and as a regional hub servicing a population of over 600,000 people.  There are advantages and economies of scale that are achieved in servicing a population beyond our own jurisdictional boundaries.

The ACT and surrounding region South East region of NSW are intrinsically linked.  Effective and productive regional engagement mechanisms will facilitate a maturing of the relationship between the two jurisdictions leading to enhanced opportunities and improved outcomes.

Commonwealth Regional Initiatives

The ACT Government engages with the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Developmentimg-icn-extlink on a range of regional issues including input to national regional policy, the Regional Development Australia Committee ACT and the Regional Development Australia Fund.

Collaboration with the NSW Government

The relationship between the ACT and NSW Governments is framed by the Memorandum of Understanding for Regional Collaboration, signed in December 2011.

Engagement with the NSW Local Councils

Engagement with NSW Local Council takes place through a number of ways including South East Regional Organisation of Councils (SEROC) and direct meetings between the Chief Minister and local Mayors.

Regional Demographics

ACT Government Regional Publications

The ACT and its Region: Economic Relationships and Key Drivers of Economic Growth (February 2008)

The ACT and its Region: Economic Relationships and Key Drivers of Economic Growth was commissioned by the ACT Government in February 2008 to support the preparation of the ACT's economic strategy (Capital Development). The report examines economic activity and linkages in the ACT and its region, the outlook and structure of the ACT economy, and the economic opportunities and risks facing the ACT.