Digital Canberra

The ACT Government is committed to capitalising on the opportunities of the digital age to drive economic growth, provide better services, and strengthen open government and citizen engagement.

Building on the strong digital foundations of Canberra, the ACT Government in partnership with industry and the community, developed a Digital Canberra Action Plan.

The Action Plan is the roadmap of how we are going to:

  • accelerate business engagement with the digital economy and help businesses access new customers and markets;
  • promote Canberra as a modern, dynamic, digital city;
  • use technology to be a more open government and to give citizens
  • greater choice in how and when they use services; and
  • be more innovative in how we engage with the community and local small business.

The ACT Government is committed to Digital Canberraimg-icn-extlink and to developing and implementing the Action Plan to drive further growth and innovation across the ACT so that we become a world-leading digital city.

Digital Canberra is a statement of Canberra’s digital aspirations and the principles and actions that will guide us to become a leading digital city.  As a priority government initiative it will:

  • promote Canberra as a city of digital opportunity;
  • create digital networks and partnerships;
  • accelerate the digital economy;
  • build a city of innovation and connected communities;
  • support open government, citizen engagement and better services.

Why digital?

Digital is a critical success factor of the 21st century environment. Technology is transforming the way people interact with each other and the world around them. Digital services provide opportunities for enhancing quality, innovation, reduction of red tape and agility in service delivery where citizens interact with government.

There are significant opportunities for increasing labour productivity by adopting digital. In 2010, Access Economics found that if 10 per cent of Australian employees were to telework 50 per cent of the time, annual gains to the Australian economy would be around $1.4 billion to $1.9 billion through reduction in commute times, office space and staff turnover.

Contact Us

Questions about Digital Canberra or the upcoming Digital Canberra Action Plan may be directed to the Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate at  Please let us know if you are interested in having your digital case study published on the Digital Canberra website.