Cabinet Secretariat

Cabinet meets regularly and operates under Westminster conventions. The deliberations of Cabinet are confidential, in order that the members of Cabinet may exchange differing views and at the same time maintain the principle of collective responsibility for any decision which may be made.

Support to Cabinet and the Cabinet process is provided by the Cabinet Secretariat through:

  • providing administrative support to the Chief Minister and Cabinet;
  • assisting the Chief Minister and the Secretary to Cabinet to manage Cabinet’s forward agenda;
  • providing advice and training to officials on Cabinet processes;
  • maintaining the archive of ACT Cabinet papers;
  • monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Cabinet Handbook and the Cabinet Paper Drafting Guide; and
  • coordinating the Cabinet Liaison Officer (CLO) Network; and
  • facilitate the Accessing of Cabinet Outcomes through the Executive Document Release and the preparation of weekly Summaries of Cabinet Outcomesimg-icn-extlink.

Cabinet Handbook and Cabinet Paper Drafting Guide

The Cabinet Handbook and Cabinet Paper Drafting Guide [PDF PDF 301KB] [word icon Word 54KB] provide guidance for ACT Government officials on how to bring business before Cabinet, how to consult adequately with other ACT agencies and how to draft Cabinet papers that allow Cabinet to make deliberative, informed decisions.

Cabinet Handbook 2016 [PDF PDF 450KB] [word icon Word 98KB]

Boards and Committees Handbook

This handbook provides policy and practical guidance to those involved in ACT Government boards and committees, particularly ACTPS officers, executives, ministers and heads of boards.

Boards and Committees Handbook [PDF PDF 218KB]

Caretaker guidelines

Special arrangements apply, by accepted convention, to the operation of the ACT Government in the period immediately before and after an election. Decisions that would bind the incoming government are not normally made during this caretaker period. The Cabinet does not normally meet during the caretaker period.

Detailed guidance on caretaker conventions is issued by the Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate prior to general elections for the Legislative Assembly.

2016 ACT General Election Caretaker Conventions