Aviation Policy

Canberra Airport is one of 21 federally leased airports administered by the Australian Government under the Airports Act 1996. As part of the planning framework under the act, airports are required to prepare a Master Plan. The Canberra Airport Master Plan was approved in 2009 and can be found on the Canberra Airport Website External Link - Opens new window.

While the ACT Government has no direct influence or control over Canberra Airport's operations, growth and planning matters, it is interested to ensure that the benefits delivered by the airport to the ACT and region are balanced against community needs and residential amenity.

In recognition of this interest, recent initiatives undertaken by the ACT Government in relation to Aviation Policy include:

More information on Aviation at a Federal level can be found on the Department of Infrastructure and Transport Website External Link - Open New Window.

For information on Canberra Airport visit the Canberra Airport Website External Link - Opens new window.

Memorandum of Understanding between the ACT and Canberra Airport

This Memorandum of Understanding provides a mechanism for engagement between the ACT Government and Canberra Airport on operational and development issues to ensure the interests of the Canberra community are considered now and into the future.

The MOU provides for the establishment of an Integration Committee consisting of senior Government Officials from CMD, ACTPLA and TAMS and Airport management.

The committee meets quarterly to work through issues relating to the development of the Airport and aviation policy as set out in the MoU's goals:

  • To maintain a continued productive consultation regime between the parties.
  • A productive resolution of any differences or conflicts between the parties through appropriate channels.
  • A cooperative planning environment.
  • Commitment to noise abatement measures to protect Canberra residents from noise sharing.

The MoU does not place any legal obligation on either party, especially in the ACT Government's ability to raise legitimate concerns regarding the impact of aircraft noise and non-aviation activities on Canberra and its residents.

Memorandum of Understanding between the Australian Capital Territory and Canberra Airport Pty Ltd [pdf PDF 693.1KB]

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Assessment of Aircraft Noise in Hackett

In response to the concerns expressed about the perceived high levels of aircraft noise in the northern suburbs of Canberra, Airservices Australia undertook to install a portable Noise Monitoring Terminal in Hackett for a 12 month noise monitoring study. The monitor was installed in late December 2008 with the monitoring commencing on 1 January 2009.

A Consultant from the Acoustics & Vibration Unit at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) campus at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) was engaged by CMD to validate the methodology and technical aspects of the Airservices Australia noise monitoring study in Hackett and to undertake independent analysis of the first six months of data (January to June 2009) produced from the monitoring. This approach of utilising the Airservices Australia data enabled the noise data to be readily correlated with the flight path data also collected by Airservices Australia.

The report findings provide a measurement and analysis of aircraft noise in Hackett and detailed information on aircraft operations at Canberra Airport. The concerns of residents of North Canberra are also included.

Assessment of Aircraft Noise in Hackett: Executive Summary [PDF PDF 155KB]Assessment of Aircraft Noise in Hackett [PDF PDF 3.7MB]

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Aviation White Paper

Issues Paper

In April 2008 the Australian Government released an Aviation Issues Paper as a basis for consultation and engagement and represents the first stage in developing an Aviation White Paper. The ACT Government provided a Submission.

ACT Government Submission to Aviation Issues Paper [PDF PDF 625.6KB]

Green Paper

Following public feed-back received on the Issues Paper the Federal Government released an Aviation Green Paper in December 2008 outlining a range of policy options and possible reforms for the future of Australia's aviation industry. The ACT Government was provided an opportunity to input on the policy options it contained.

ACT Government Submission on the Aviation Policy Green Paper [PDF PDF 1.5MB]

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