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ACT Government Evaluation Policy and Guidelines (December 2010)

Evaluation refers to the measurement and assessment of the impacts and merits of government policies and initiatives. It helps identify strengths and achievements, and opportunities for improvement.

As part of the broader commitment to strengthening the Government's Performance and accountability mechanisms the ACT Government has developed Evaluation Policy and Guidelines to provide guidance to ACT agencies for embedding evaluation in their operations, setting evaluation objectives, strategies, and priorities, and conducting evaluations.

The Policy and Guidelines aims to build evaluation maturity across government, and to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and appropriateness of government services.

ACT Government Evaluation Policy and Guidelines [PDF PDF 900KB]
ACT Government Evaluation Policy and Guidelines [RTF 1MB]

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Organisational Performance and Measurement Guide

Performance measurement and reporting is central to the ACT Government Performance and Accountability Framework.  This Organisational Performance Measurement Guide outlines a method for developing appropriate and tailored performance measurement indicators. Strengthening performance reporting will improve effective performance management and alignment between project outputs and outcomes.

The step by step guide provides:
* guidance on using results logic frameworks; and
* direction on selecting appropriate and relevant performance indicators.

Organisational Performance Measurement Guide [PDF document PDF 657.9KB] Organisational Performance Measurement Guide [Word document DOC 337]

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