Freedom of Information Online

From October 2011 information that is provided to an applicant under Freedom of Information legislation, by the ACT Government, will be also released on this web page.

ACT Government directorates will be required to upload digital copies of released FOI information within 15 business days of the material being provided to the applicant.

Exceptions to this are documents that are exempt for privacy, commercial confidentiality or copyright. Medical Records are subject to specific legislation. Full details of the FOI legislation and the FOI policy, including the publication of material are available online.

This policy applies to FOI applications that are finalised on or after 4 October 2011. Applications finalised prior to this date, will not be available on this site. This policy does not apply retrospectively.

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FOI Ref # Summary of FOI Request Date of Release 
HD06122017_0003 Code Blacks in ACT Health Facilities 06 Dec 2017
HD06122017_0004 Report or similar prepared by Ms Kate Brockman for ACT Health 06 Dec 2017
HD06122017_0005 Terminations at Canberra Hospital 2015 06 Dec 2017
HD06122017_0002 Health Patient Privacy Amendment Act 2015 06 Dec 2017
HD06122017_0017 Improvement Notices to nail salons 06 Dec 2017
HD06122017_0019 Documents that informed the Health (Protected Area) Declaration 2016 06 Dec 2017
HD06122017_0018 Food poisoning at the Enlighten Night Noodle Markets 06 Dec 2017
HD06122017_0010 Information on specific hospital billings for 2015-16 financial year 06 Dec 2017
HD06122017_0016 Tuberculosis on the Australian National University campus in 2016 06 Dec 2017
HD06122017_0015 Documents regarding walk in centres in the ACT 06 Dec 2017