Freedom of Information Online

From October 2011 information that is provided to an applicant under Freedom of Information legislation, by the ACT Government, will be also released on this web page.

ACT Government directorates will be required to upload digital copies of released FOI information within 15 business days of the material being provided to the applicant.

Exceptions to this are documents that are exempt for privacy, commercial confidentiality or copyright. Medical Records are subject to specific legislation. Full details of the FOI legislation and the FOI policy, including the publication of material are available online.

This policy applies to FOI applications that are finalised on or after 4 October 2011. Applications finalised prior to this date, will not be available on this site. This policy does not apply retrospectively.

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FOI Ref # Summary of FOI Request Date of Release 
JACS21082014_0026 Possible asbestos at the Periodic Detention Centre 21 Aug 2014
ESDD20140818_115 Dan Murphy sign approvals 18 Aug 2014
CMTEDD13082014_005 Beach Volleyball ACT 13 Aug 2014
CMTEDD12082014_004 Hewatt Earthworks 12 Aug 2014
JACS08082014_0025 Traffic Infringement Notices issued to Diplomats in Canberra since 2011 08 Aug 2014
CMTEDD08082014-003 First Home Owners Grant Scheme Data 08 Aug 2014
ETD06082014_0003 CIT Bullying Allegations 06 Aug 2014
CMTEDD25072014_002 MLA speeches in the Legislative Assembly 25 Jul 2014
CMO25072014-0001 Riot Act Subscriptions 25 Jul 2014
TAMSD09072014-0020 Road Surface Upgrade for Cooleman Court Carparks 09 Jul 2014