Public consultation notice for outdoor dining development

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Notification date: 17 May 2017
Notifying body: Joseph CATALDO
Legislation: Public Unleased Land Act 2013

This notice satisfies the public consultation notice requirement of the Public Unleased Land Act 2013.

I, Joseph CATALDO, am required to conduct public consultation for an application lodged with the Director-General of the Directorate of the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development on 28 February 2017. The application is for the issue of a permit for an outdoor dining development on public unleased land which will operate from Unit 2B, 28/36 Ainslie Avenue, CANBERRA ACT 2601 trading under the name of D.O.P.

It is proposed that the permit will operate 7 days a week between the hours of 6am and 5pm. The permit allows for the permit holder to operate an outdoor eating and drinking area.

Additionally, the application proposes to erect a structure (deck and awning) and utilise one parking space for the operation of the outdoor dining area.

You may make written submissions to the director-general about how the use of the public unleased land in accordance with the proposed permit may have a significant impact on someone lawfully at adjacent or nearby places.

15 day public consultation period from 16/05/2017 until 05/06/2017.

Written submissions may be made to:
The Delegate of the Director-General,
Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development,
Access Canberra

or email