Call for nominations for the ACT Architects Board

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Notification date: 17 March 2017
Notifying body: Registrar of the ACT Architects Board
Legislation: Architects Act 2004

Nominations are sought from interested individuals to fill a position on the ACT Architects Board (the Board).

The Architects Act 2004 establishes the Board. The Board consists of five members. The Board is responsible for the registration of architects, the accreditation of courses in architecture, the investigation of complaints and taking of disciplinary action, and for providing advice to the Minister in relation to the practice of architecture.

The Board is required to meet a minimum of four times a year for a formal board meeting but also generally meets monthly to approve applications from individuals wishing to be Registered Architects. The Board is remunerated in accordance with the Australian Capital Territory Remuneration Tribunal's Part-Time Public Office Holders instrument.

Nominations are sought from interested persons who are currently ACT registered architects to fill the position of Registered Architect on the Board.

Nominations must be in writing, signed by the nominee; and include the following:

  1. the nominee's contact details;
  2. the nominee's registration number;
  3. the nominee's curriculum vitae; and
  4. a brief description of the nominee's experience as a registered architect in the ACT.

Nominations must be received by 24 March 2017 and can be emailed to

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Ben Green Registrar of the ACT Architects Board