New clean, green road for Nicholls

Released 26/02/2016

An innovative approach to road resurfacing will be trialled in the ACT today with recycled materials, such as printer toner, included in the final asphalt mix, Tony Gill, Director for Roads ACT, announced today.

As part of Roads ACT’s scheduled resurfacing program, Kelleway Avenue in Nicholls has been selected as the first site to receive the new asphalt product.

“Together with the contractor Downer EDI, Roads ACT will trial the new low carbon asphalt that consists of recycled road pavement and recycled printer toner,” Mr Gill said. 

“Production of the new asphalt product will result in a smaller carbon footprint in comparison to other asphalt mixtures. By using this new asphalt product, we can save 14 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being produced for every tonne of product used. This of course helps contribute to a better climate and environment outcomes for our community.

“Today, approximately 160 tonnes of asphalt will be laid, saving 2.24 tonnes of carbon dioxide.”

Downer EDI’s General Manager for road resurfacing (ACT & NSW), Gana Varendran, said that current practice in the ACT sees hot mix asphalt used with a low recycled content of about 10 percent.

“In close partnership with Roads ACT, we’re very pleased to lead the way in using low carbon asphalt in the Territory that takes recycled content up to 30 percent,” said Mr Varendran. “This new benchmark in sustainable asphalt in the Territory will support the ACT Government’s Waste Management Strategy (2011-2025) in reducing waste and recovering valuable resources to achieve a sustainable carbon-neutral Canberra.”

Mr Gill said that Roads ACT will evaluate the performance of this product over the next several years and compare it to other areas of resurfacing laid at the same time.

“This work is part of the ACT Government’s scheduled resurfacing works to ensure Canberra’s roads are safe for motorists and other road users. Since September 2015, Roads ACT has worked around the clock in completing 750,000 square metres of resurfacing across Canberra’s roads which is
75 percent of the annual target,” Mr Gill said. 

During today’s works, Kelleway Avenue will be partially closed between Tange Place and McClelland Avenue for brief periods from 9 am till 4 pm. Barriers as well as warning and diversion signs will be erected to alert people to the closure.

The ACT Government apologises for any inconvenience these works may cause and thank the community for their patience during this work and other road projects in the area.

For information on road closures visit or call Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

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