Greyhound industry transition options to be examined

Released 03/03/2017

The ACT’s former Health Services Commissioner, Mary Durkin, has been appointed as the independent consultant to provide an analysis of the approach to the transition to end the greyhound racing industry in the Territory.

“The analysis will support the consultation and coordination that needs to occur between government agencies, the greyhound racing industry and animal welfare and dog rescue organisations,” Mr Ramsay said.

Funding for the greyhound racing industry in the ACT will cease after 30 June 2017 and the $1.033 million in funding previously forecast to subsidise the industry in 2017-18 will be redirected to the transition program to assist workers to re-skill, as well as re-home and care for the greyhounds.

It remains the Government position that the continued operation of greyhound racing in the ACT is out of step with community values.

“The Terms of Reference for the Greyhound Racing Industry Transition Options Analysis have been framed to provide the Government with advice on the issues involved in transitioning to end greyhound racing in the ACT and the most appropriate way to implement the transition.”

The Terms of Reference require the analysis to be completed by 1 May 2017, as the transition to end the industry commences on 1 July 2017.

Ms Durkin was an independent Commissioner in the ACT with responsibilities across health, disability and community services for nearly 10 years and during this time undertook substantial consultation and investigatory work and prepared numerous analytical reports for the Government’s consideration.

Prior to this, Ms Durkin was the acting Deputy Ombudsman in the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s office.

“Ms Durkin has worked effectively across government and with relevant stakeholders to promote a high level of accountability in the provision of community services in the Territory,” Mr Ramsay said.

“Ms Durkin will be seeking to engage with the greyhound racing industry and animal welfare sector in developing her report, which will be an important source of advice to the Government on the path to transition.”

Anyone who wishes to contribute to this process can contact Mary Durkin at

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