Released 01/12/2016

Fuel management slashing operations are in progress in the ACT’s national parks and nature reserves, ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) Fire Manager Neil Cooper said today.

Fuel management slashing is done in accordance with the annual Bushfire Operations Plan and work commences based on the level of grass curing (or drying) and site accessibility.

“The service uses tractor mounted slashers, which operate out of all PCS depots in combination with two contract crews.

“Under this year’s plan we will undertake 110 slashing activities and slash around 1500 hectares of grass, the equivalent of 3000 rugby fields, in the next 6-8 weeks,” Mr Cooper said.

“The total fire related slashing program will see over 4,700 ha treated with some areas being slashed twice”

“Because our mowing and slashing program is undertaken solely to reduce grass fuel hazards, the program this year has been delayed by 3-4 weeks, as much of the grass was still green and not close to representing any fire hazard,” Mr Cooper said.

In conjunction with the fire management mowing, city wide mowing is also underway. Currently the mowing program is part way through the second cycle along arterial roads and the third cycle for suburb mowing.

Fire fuel reduction mowing has also commenced on the urban edge using in-house and contract mowers.

“Weather permitting the plan is to get all the high fire risk areas slashed by Christmas,” Mr Cooper said.

The Bushfire Operations Plan is available from

For more information or to see the upcoming city wide mowing schedule, visit

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