Draft terms of reference and panel appointed for review into Hume plastics to fuel proposal

Released 31/01/2017

Draft terms of reference have been prepared and a panel  appointed for an independent Inquiry into the proposed facility in Hume which  would convert waste plastic to liquid fuel.

“Work  has taken place over the last couple of weeks to prepare comprehensive draft  terms of reference to guide the Inquiry into the Hume proposal,” Dorte Ekelund,  Director-General, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development said.

“These  cover aspects such as reviewing the proposed technology, identifying and  assessing risks, commenting on the suitability of the proposed site and  assessing the methodologies of the reports commissioned by Foy Group in  relation to public health matters.”

Ms  Ekelund said the terms of reference will be finalised in conjunction with the  appointed panel.

“I  am pleased we’ve been able to appoint Craig Lamberton as the Chair of the  panel. Mr Lamberton is very highly qualified for the role. He spent 24 years in  the NSW Environment Protection Authority where he was most recently the  Director of Hazardous Incidents and Environment Health. He has spent 12 years  as the Chairman of the NSW Radiation Advisory Council and has a wealth of other  relevant educational qualifications and practical experience.

“We  also have appointed Dr Stephen Christley to the panel who has extensive  experience in public health. He was Executive Director of Public Health and  Clinical Coordination and then the inaugural Chief Public Health Officer for  South Australia. He also worked as the Chief Executive Officer in three different  area health services in NSW.

“The  panel will seek expert advice throughout the Inquiry from specific areas as  they deem necessary. Another panel member may also be appointed.

“The  Hume facility proposes new technology so it’s critical a thorough assessment is  undertaken of the proposal to see if there are any potential issues,  particularly around public health and the environment. I’m pleased Foy Group  has been supportive to this process taking place.

“There  will also be a public hearing process held as part of the Inquiry and a  secretariat will be in place for members of the public to contact the panel.  More details will be announced once the panel is finalised.”

Ms  Ekelund said the panel will start work next month with a report finalised by  the end of April 2017 for the Government to consider.

More information, including the draft terms of  reference, is available through www.planning.act.gov.au

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