States come together for real climate change action

Released 26/08/2016

States, territories and cities should have direct and material input into the 2017 review of Australia’s national climate policy, Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Simon Corbell said.

Mr Corbell, who hosted a significant Climate Change Roundtable, with environment ministers from Victoria and South Australia as well as elected officials from the City of Hobart, City of Brisbane and City of Darwin, said the Federal Government should outline how it will fulfil its promise made in Paris.

“It is time for the Commonwealth Government to implement climate change policies and work with states, territories and cities so that Australia can take action and meet our commitments made at the Paris Climate negotiations eight months ago,” Mr Corbell said.

“Today states, territories and cities reaffirmed the need for their own targets to address climate change and agreed to collaborate and share information on a broad range of programs and policies.

“We committed to greater collaboration on key issues around the performance of buildings, acknowledging that better energy efficient buildings both in the residential and commercial sector are a critical part in helping us achieve a safe climate future.

“In relation to building standards, we also agreed to work with our colleagues responsible for planning to get this back on the national agenda.

“It’s clear from today that states, territories and cities must push on, lift their ambitions, seize the economic opportunities available and accelerate Australia’s renewable energy ambitions.

“I’m pleased by the positive discussion from the roundtable and look forward to seeing the results of combined action on climate change.”

In December 2015, the ACT stood alongside state and regional leaders, including more than 1000 mayors who committed to deliver climate change reduction by signing the Paris City Hall Declaration at the Climate Summit for Local Leaders at COP21.

The Paris City Hall Declaration committed signatory states and regions to advance and exceed the expected goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement. This meant setting ambitious long-term climate action goals and engaging in sub-national partnerships to produce effective climate change solutions.

“The Paris declaration signified an important agreement between some of the world’s most progressive sub-national governments on climate change and a commitment to stand together,” Mr Corbell said.

“While it was a significant international commitment to climate action, it is the strength of the smaller jurisdictions, cities and city-states that are recognised in making important and key contribution to tackling the challenge of climate change.

“This is why it is important for state, territories and cities to work together and that the voice of sub-national governments not be diminished in the national debate.

“We have all seen how quickly the national policy frameworks can be dismantled, however the ACT experience demonstrates the significant legislative and policy capacity available to state government.

“While small in size our city is showing what can be achieved quickly and at a small cost to consumers.

“There are jobs and investment in renewable energy, state, regional and city economies can position themselves to win their share of the enormous growth in investment globally and locally.

“I am extremely pleased that state, territory and local government representation has illustrated the true spirit of making a difference nationally.”

The ACT’s legislated 100% renewable energy generation target and award-winning reverse auction process for procurement of renewable energy will play a critical part in reducing our carbon footprint to tackle climate change for real action.

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