Mosaic Artwork Tells the Story of Birrigai

Released 01/04/2012

Today I officially opened the spectacular ceramic mosaic at the Birrigai Outdoor School.

The in ground mosaic titled 'This Planet We Share' was developed as a community project lead by current and former staff from Birrigai Outdoor School with support from students of Orana School, Florey and Macquarie primary schools in partnership with a number of leading local ACT artists.

The mosaic is an impressive 50 metre long piece of ceramic art representing the evolutionary history of the earth, as imagined by ACT school students. It represents many hours of work by a number of people with a passion for the creative arts, the contribution the creative arts can make to students and art as a legacy for the community.

The mosaic is an expression of the ACT communities' love and respect for the special place that is the Birrigai Outdoor School. So many Canberra school children know and love Birrigai.

It is where many had their first few school camps - perhaps their first experience in the bush away from family - a great rite of passage for primary school children. I am so proud of how Birrigai has arisen again from the devastation of the 2003 fires.

The use of the mosaic to educate future visitors on the evolutionary history of the earth is a reflection of Birrigai Outdoor School's goal to educate and enhance students' understanding of earth sciences. It provides a link to the history of the Birrigai environment and an opportunity for those involved to add their stories to the magnificent landscape of the Brindabellas.

I thank the drivers of this project for their passion, time and effort. Under the guidance of these talented people many students from across the ACT have contributed to this project. All those involved can be justly proud of their creation.

'This Planet We Share' is truly a wonderful piece of art and I predict it will be a source of wonder for many years to come as visitors to Birrigai walk by and take in the individual stories it tells.

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