dataACT & Mobile Canberra Roadmaps

On August 30th 2012, the ACT Government announced dataACT and Mobile Canberra on the GIO Blog.

dataACT Roadmap


The First Year in Review

dataACT, the ACT Government's open data portal, launched on 30th August 2012 with around 45 datasets, growing to 82 by the end of June 2013. This effort is led and supported by the ACT Government Information Office in collaboration with Shared Services ICT.

Earlier in June, the ACT Government sponsored GovHack, providing 5 prizes for Canberra-centric open data projects created over the 48-hour hackfest.

Approaching our second year, there is a renewed focus to release high-value datasets. We launch a consultation shortly to gather community requests for dataset releases. The suggestions will be used to inform Directorates of the public's need for more open data releases. 


The beta dataACT site is currently using the Socrata platform, a system used by several governments around the world in proactively publishing data for community use. Data is uploaded in a range of formats but Socrata transforms the data into many open standard (and other) formats as well as makes the data available through an API. We would value your feedback on this platform and any other suggestions you have.

Mobile Canberra Roadmap

The Mobile Canberra project is a collaboration between the ACT Government, NICTA's eGovernment Cluster and local SME, Imagine. The project will see the development of a methodology for a low-maintenance app which provides mobile access to Government data such as car parks, parks and playgrounds, public toilets and bus stops.

The First Year In Review

The pilot phase for the project has been concluded with a Case Study Report and User Experience Report.


The ACT Government is committed to responding to the changing needs of Canberrans around government service and information delivery. At the same time, we recognise the importance of a sustainable, inclusive, reliable and above all, user friendly and citizen centric approach to mobile service delivery. As such, we will be looking at standards based mobile service delivery that can be accessed from any mobile, tablet or other device and will deliver a consistent and reliable service delivery.

Phase 2 of the Mobile Canberra project will see a hybrid HTML5 and platform-specific app providing ACT Government location services information, with an aim to overcome performance problems encountered with a pure HTML5 codebase in the pilot phase.

The second phase is seeking to achieve a best practice protocol for similar government applications. This will be fully documented and released as an open source project.